Clarity: Font De-Obfuscation Tool
#1  mattmc 05-15-2015, 05:34 PM
In the course of making some eBook files, particularly for Kindle, I found that I needed to de-obfuscate some fonts in my file. If you generate an ePub from ID, the fonts are obfuscated by default with the IDPF method. When passing said ePub to KindleGen, you lose any embedded fonts because KG doesn't recognize the obfuscated fonts.

I'm aware that Sigil has some method of de-obfuscating fonts, and possibly Calibre as well. However, I wanted to have a method of de-obfuscating the fonts in an ePub that I knew for sure had no side effects.

Thus, I made a simple command-line utility called Clarity that de-obfuscates fonts that are obfuscated with the IDPF method. (No support yet for the older Adobe method, but that could be added.)

Clarity is open-source and available here on github.

The included executable file was compiled on OSX 10.10, but with Go 1.4 or later, anyone can easily compile an executable for Windows or Linux. If detailed instructions on this are needed, I can provide them.

Perhaps this tool is redundant in the face of some other software or plugin, in which case feel free to let me know, but perhaps it will be of some use to others.

#2  phoneee 09-29-2020, 02:21 PM
i cannot see the code of clearity in github.
Could you share the code code for me?
Not use for commercial just font dev education.

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