Manga on the Kindle paperwhite?
#1  ReaperB2 03-18-2013, 01:11 AM
So I just got a Kindle PaperWhite after an unfortunate accident with my kindle keyboard's screen, and one of the many things I did with My kindle 3 was read manga via Mangle, unfortunately mangle doesn't help me much anymore do to the horrible downgrades to the kindle's image viewer.

So my question is, Whats the best way to view manga on the kindle paperwhite?, Ive tried many things such as (calibre, Manganize, KindleComicParser, kindleComicConverter, Kindlegen, ect) how ever these options leave me with a mobi that take quite a while to load pages, upwards of 3 sec, and longer the larger the manga is, where as the kindle 3's image viewer was near instant regardless of the number of files. how can I reach such speeds on the kindle paperwhite?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks Much.

#2  ReaperB2 09-18-2018, 12:19 PM
Hey any update on this?

#3  ReaperB2 09-18-2018, 12:20 PM
oh nvm just figured it out 2 seconds ago

#4  ilovejedd 09-18-2018, 12:46 PM
Curious, was this for the original PW and what solution did you end up going with?

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