Accessing different eBook files stored on external card?
#1  daught 04-23-2003, 05:47 PM
Greetings. I am starting to get into the eBook scene with my Palm m500. I have a 128MB SD card.

I have iSolo, PalmReader, Plucker, Acrobat Reader, and HandStory installed. HandStory is a disappointment to me as a Mac user, since I can't seem to install eBooks in HandStory format with the basic browser and converter currently available for Mac OS X.

I like iSolo because I can store AND read eBooks in this format directly on/from the card.

My question really is how to access different eBook formatted files (PalmReader, Plucker, .pdf, etc.) from an external card if I want to store them there? More basically, how do I access those files from the card to the Palm (move from card storage to Palm RAM)? Will the individual programs allow me to do this, or is there another utility required to move files from storage to RAM?

Relatedly, what strategy should I follow for storing various file types on the card? Should I create a separate directory for each program? I already have /iSolo.



#2  Alexander Turcic 04-25-2003, 11:12 AM
Yes, I think you should look in each of the readers' manual ( iSolo, PalmReader, Plucker, Acrobat Reader, and HandStory) and see if they support VFS (external memory access). If they do, they usually specifiy where you should locate your documents.

iSilo looks for:
/Palm/Programs/iSilo (preferred)

HandStory looks for:
/PALM/Programs/HandStory (preferred)

Plucker looks for:
/Palm/Programs/Plucker/ (preferred)

Dunno about the Adobe Reader since I don' like it & don't use it.


#3  daught 04-25-2003, 01:45 PM
Thanks. I've created separate directories on my card for each of my readers' files. Currently, only iSolo and BibleReader are directly readable from the card. The Mac version of HandStory is not card readable, and similarly with the freeware version of PalmReader. But at least I can keep the various formats organized on the card.

I also got turned-on to the freeware FileZ for file management--moving files to/from card to Palm RAM. So I think I'm now basically all set-up for use of my expansion card and the eBook experience! This forum has been very helpful!


#4  macumazahn 05-25-2004, 10:20 PM
Adobe Reader for Palm OS, seems to throw their files onto the root of the memory card, not necessarily opting for a specific file.

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