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#1  jhowell 09-28-2022, 11:35 AM
The new Kindle Scribe was announced at Amazon's hardware event today.

Amazon Kindle Scribe, the first Kindle with Pen, 10.2 inch display with 300 ppi. Available in time for the holidays, $339.99.

Amazon's 2022 Devices & Services Event

YouTube video: Introducing Kindle Scribe

Press Release: Introducing Amazon Kindle Scribe—the First Kindle for Reading and Writing

Introducing Amazon Kindle Scribe—the First Kindle for Reading and Writing
September 28, 2022 at 1:01 PM EDT

Newest Kindle features the world’s first 10.2-inch, 300-ppi, high-definition, front-lit display and pen—just $339

Beautiful, large display feels like writing on paper—take notes in millions of books; stay organized and inspired with to-do lists, planners, and journal entries; and review documents imported from your phone or computer, distraction-free

Kindle Scribe includes customer-favorite features beloved for reading and now for writing—adjustable warm light, auto-adjusting front light, and USB-C charging; powered by a battery designed to last for months

Enjoy millions of books in the Kindle store—plus, Kindle Scribe comes with a free, four-month Kindle Unlimited membership with access to over 3 million eBooks and more

SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sep. 28, 2022-- Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) today introduced Kindle Scribe—the next generation of Kindle that unites reading with writing. Kindle Scribe features the world’s first 10.2-inch, 300 pixels per inch (ppi), Paperwhite display, and an included pen that never needs charging. The premium, front-lit, and glare-free display feels like reading and writing on paper, with crisp text and ample space for larger fonts, images, charts, and documents. Designed for reading and notetaking in millions of books, adding notes to documents, journaling, and more, Kindle Scribe is available for preorder today from just $339 and will ship later this year. Learn more at

“Kindle Scribe is the best Kindle we’ve ever built, creating a reading and writing experience that feels like real paper,” said Kevin Keith, vice president of Amazon Devices. “It's inspired by the Kindle customers who have added billions of notes and highlights to books over the years, and it’s also ideal for reviewing and marking up documents, managing your to-do list, or doodling over a big idea. Plus, it offers all the Kindle benefits customers know and love—millions of books on demand, adjustable fonts, premium reading features, and weeks and weeks of battery life—with the benefit of a beautiful, large display.”

Premium Design

Just 5.8 mm thin, Kindle Scribe features the world’s first 10.2-inch, 300-ppi, glare-free display; an auto-adjusting front light; months of battery life; and a pen that never needs to be charged—making it an ideal, take-anywhere companion. The glare-free display has been engineered to replicate the feel and flow of pen on paper, creating a natural and comfortable experience. The large, high-resolution, Paperwhite display also provides ample room for reading and taking notes; enhances the beauty of images, illustrations, and graphics; and provides easy-to-adjust margins.

Kindle Scribe comes with a Basic or Premium pen option. Both pens deliver incredible precision, feel natural in your hand, and magnetically attach to the side of the device. They also support a variety of line widths, a highlighter tool, eraser tools, and an undo tool—all easily accessible in the on-display writing menu. The Premium Pen also includes a dedicated eraser on top and a customizable shortcut button, enabling the pen to function as an eraser or highlighter, or to open a new sticky note when the button is pressed.

Premium Experience

New digital sticky notes on Kindle Scribe allow you to easily add handwritten notes to millions of books—with notes and highlights automatically organized in one place to keep pages clutter-free. You can also journal or take notes using a variety of templates, including to-do lists for tracking tasks and lined paper for meeting notes. All notebooks are automatically saved and backed up to the cloud for free, and, coming in early 2023, they will also be accessible via the Kindle app.

With the Send-to-Kindle feature, you can import personal documents from your computer or phone to Kindle Scribe and write directly on PDF documents. You can also import and create handwritten sticky notes in Microsoft Word documents, web articles, and other document formats with adjustable font sizes and layout. From early 2023, you will be able to send documents to Kindle Scribe directly from within Microsoft Word.

World’s Best eBook Store

As with all Kindle e-readers, the new Kindle Scribe comes with instant access to the Kindle Store, which includes the following:

Reading for All

Like every Kindle available today, the new Kindle Scribe lets you personalize your experience by adjusting the font size, increasing the line spacing, or switching to dark mode. In addition, with the large display of Kindle Scribe, customers reading with larger font sizes will see more text per page, and they can increase the size of items like the text on the home screen as well as book icons with the “large mode” setting. Customers who read with assistive technology can use Amazon’s VoiceView screen reader to read English-language books on Kindle devices—including Kindle Scribe. Customers can also use operating system (OS)-level screen readers, such as TalkBack on Android or VoiceOver on iOS, to read with Kindle mobile apps. Kindle offers more than 12 million screen reader-supported books on Kindle devices and apps.

Climate Pledge Friendly

Kindle Scribe has the Climate Pledge Friendly badge—a distinction to help customers discover and shop for more sustainable products. Designed with 100% recycled aluminum and 48% post-consumer recycled plastics in the device, Kindle Scribe was built with sustainability in mind, and it comes in 100% recyclable device packaging in the U.S.

Pricing and Availability

Kindle Scribe will be available starting at $339. To learn more, visit Available in Tungsten with options for 16 GB, 32 GB, or 64 GB of storage, Kindle Scribe comes with a battery-free Basic Pen or Premium Pen, which includes an eraser and customizable shortcut button. New leather, premium leather, and fabric covers, which can be folded to support Kindle Scribe at different reading angles, will be available in a variety of colors.
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#2  cerem0ny 09-28-2022, 12:06 PM
Where is the announcement?

Never mind - saw the news about an event. Exciting!

#3  hleo12 09-28-2022, 12:33 PM
Some people here would be really happy. I've seen a few wanting for a Kindle with a pen.

The Scribe being cheaper than an Onyx is also a huge plus for Amazon.

MS Word integration is also probably a sign this device wouldn't be as walled off as the current Kindles. Although I'm assuming that only pertains to annotations and documents you've sent yourself.

#4  innocenat 09-28-2022, 12:39 PM
I guess 10" device is what most people wanted. Kinda sad since I find 10" too big. Not like I planned to ditch my Supernote though.

#5  Badcatalex 09-28-2022, 01:09 PM

#6  Sirtel 09-28-2022, 01:09 PM
Not interested in a 10'' device.

I was expecting a 8'' Oasis. Oh well... I'll stick to my Kobos.

#7  Sirtel 09-28-2022, 01:16 PM
And NO BUTTONS! That's a dealbreaker right there.

#8  Barty 09-28-2022, 01:26 PM
That is a pretty good price for 10" display. It'll be even better on black Friday

But why the large side bevel and without page turn buttons? For holding, sure, but people manage just fine with 10" and larger tablets without a large side bevel. Unnecessary added size and weight.

#9  Badcatalex 09-28-2022, 01:41 PM
Hm, y'know, this really puts the Oasis into a tight position.

It's no longer the highest end Kindle, since the Paperwhite 5 SE has some features the Oasis lacks, and because the Kindle Scribe has a wayyy larger screen and a stylus.

#10  Pjama 09-28-2022, 01:42 PM
It's great that they have managed to make a 10" display which is 300 dpi - finally, someone has achieved this! And with the warm light as well, it's very tempting.

No buttons and likely no glass layer on top of the screen mean I am unlikely to buy this, although I kind of want to. I'm still hopeful there will be a little update of the Oasis soon, otherwise I would think it is on the way out. I'm tempted both by this, and by the new Basic, although neither quite hit the mark for me.

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