Sudoku for Kindle - Local Web App [aur0raHAX] [No Jailbreak]
#11  Lorand 12-06-2022, 04:21 AM
Quote Bluebotlabs
Sudoku for the Kindle is pretty cool! Especially working as an offline web app.

I myself am working on a launcher similar to aur0rahax (but fancier! (also I didn’t know about aur0rahax when I started it…)) and I was wondering if I could port your Sudoku project files to work with my launcher?

I’ll give credit and link to this topic as well
I can't wait for finishing your launcher. I would like to try it out

#12  Bluebotlabs 02-26-2023, 11:18 AM
Quote tesseractcat
Go for it. I'm surprised Amazon still lets the browser open local html.
Thank you so much! Yeah, my theory is that Amazon lets the browser do this because the Kindle store sort of needs this to work (wierd Kindle store stuff)

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