Kobo Discounts: Coupon Codes + Discussion
#1  G0AT 01-07-2011, 05:44 PM
In USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand. Get a Kobo credit of the price difference plus 10% of the Kobo price!

Non-contest codes as of August 2020:

PERKOPOLIS gives (Canadians only?) a 10% discount on Kobo Glo HD, H2O and the Aura.

B1G1 Buy 1 Get 1 USA link Canada Link

20% off

30% off
MYPERK30 (Multiple use) (Might be Canada only) (Reported Expired in Jan 2022)

40% off
PARTNERS22 MULTIPLE USE! (Worked in multiple stores, JUNE 2022)
PERKOPOLIS (Might be Canada only) (Worked in August 2020)
RAKUTEN40 (Might be Canada only) (Worked in October 2020)

Unless otherwise noted, codes are good for one use per account.

NOTE 1: For codes containing "ca", "us", "au", "uk", or "row", simply interchange those letter codes depending on your location. Each of these can be used to turn a one-time use code into a multi-use code.

NOTE 2: You do have to make sure that you are buying a non-agency book. E-books that are non-agency generally include:
- e-books with two prices listed (ie. "List Price" and "Our Price")
- e-books that end in something other than ".99" (ie. $9.91, $5.57, etc.)
- most graphic novels
- most "Just for Kobo Vox" books
- most very inexpensive e-books (ie. $0.95 to $2.99)
- e-books by very small/niche publishers.
A list of non-agency publishers is provided in this post

NOTE 3: Comeback codes seem to get recycled, so I've removed notes on 'expiry' dates. Please let me know if any inactive ones below are active again.


Spoiler Warning below

OCT60SAVE Limited time offer available from October 22, 2020 at 12:00AM EST to October 26, 2020 at 11:59PM EST. Offer valid on select eBooks only.
30JAN Might be restricted by country. Worth a try.
35NOV Might be restricted by country or book list. Worth a try.
40DEC USA List CA List
30JUN 30% off books on the list.
save90bk from this list, possibly for new accounts only.
50SUN - in Canada (perhaps other countries) most or all discountable books
50JUN - in USA, Canada and other countries until 27th June, some books, not others
TAKE50 (Single use) (Worked in USA, CA, AUS and UK at least)

On these box sets.
kobobirthday14 20%
JAN1650 Unlimited uses on any book for which discount codes are valid
NOV35 unlimited in US and CA and possibly elsewhere.
UK50SALE Unlimited in UK from 30th October to 2nd November 2015
Unlimited from this list
MARCHGET30 From this list for some countries.
KOBO2015 (possibly 35%)
NOV30 Good until November 25th, apparently.
AUGUST35 Unlimited from this list
GET50SALE Unlimited in USA, Australia and New Zealand (& elsewhere?) until 30th October 2015
CA50SALE Unlimited for Canadian customers until 28th October 2015
July30 30% from this list until July 20th
JULYWW30 30% from this list until 16 July.
MAY35 UNLIMITED USE until Monday 18th May on books on this list (UK)
JUSTFORYOU $40 off a Kobo Aura (US only)
SAV50 (50% off)
SAVE50 (50% off one from this list)
Grt50dis (50% off one from US List or Canadian List)
save90bk (90% off title from this list or this list (possibly US only))
dis75last (75% off these titles)
PERKOPOLIS (40% off, MULTI-USE, possibly CA only)1stkobo (1000 Yen off - Japanese store only)
DISCOVER30 (MULTI-USE Expires end 12th October.)
read30 (MULTI-USE expires 15th September, this list only)
Comeback7cr53 (expired 20 Sep 2014)
comeback1cr46 (35% off)
comeback2_17 (35% off)
WEMISSYOU30 (30% off)
thank5_132 (35% off)
gettingtoknowu23 (30% off)
GETTHIRTY (30% off - Exp. 31 March)
April30 (30% off)
1x2530ca2 (25% off)
1x2561ca2 (25% off)
1x2590us (25% off)
1x2530us (25% off)
2x25180us (25% off)
56b6c125 (25% off)
VoucherCodes40 (40% off - Unlimited Use!)
Bargainmoose40 (40% off - Unlimited use!)
thankyou2012 (35% off)
56b6c435 (35% off)
56b6c230 (35% off)
Kobodollaroff ($1 off)
RggiCA5091 (50% off)
jun2720de (20% off)
JUNE20OFF (20% off)
save20offer (20% off)
survey25 (25% off)
c1auto25 (25% off)
thankyou40 (40% off)
c1auto30 (30% off)
c2auto25 (25% off)
c2auto30 (30% off)
c2auto35 (35% off)
c3auto35 (35% off)
c4auto35 (35% off)
c4auto40 (40% off)
c4auto45 (45% off)
ac3auto35 (35% off)
ac4auto45 (45% off)
GBSave50Sept (50% off)
oct2630PL (30% off)
oct2630XY (30% off)
save3026BK (30% off)
Save40UK (40% off)
Nov30Save30 (30% off)
Comeback3302_3 (35% off)
Comeback3102_3 (30% off)
thanks3702_3 (35% off)
MaySave40 (40% off)
AURAHD30 (30% off)
SPRINGSAVE (30% off)
SpringSave80 (80% off)
SpringRomance (75% off)
thanks5_613 (35% off)
gettingtoknowu08 (30% off)
Comeback2503_4 (25% off)
FMC782 or UCJ297 (30% off Kobo Arc)
JEH296 or AHN349 (20% off Kobo Glo)
AUGUST30 (30% off)
Comeback7_612 (35% off)
Sept50 (50% off ended 30 Sept.)
BookRiot50 (50% off ended 15 Oct.)
yournext2613 (50% off)
B2S50 (50% off)
80Nvbr (80% off)
95comic (95% off)
85off (85% off)
jny50 (50% off)
VoucherCode30 (30% off)
Comeback9_632 (35% off)
Comeback72141 (25% off)
thanks7_815 (35% off)
Comeback7_754 (35% off)
test50 (50% off)
yournext862 (50% off)
75off (75% off)
fire9 (30% off)
perry1 (50% off)
raiko7 (50% off)
fdkY9rd (90% off, unlimited use!)
Comeback18_73 (30% off)
VOUCHER30 (30% off)
wild2 (30% off)
flo17 (30% off)
ers17 (30% off)
thanks3_276 (35% off)
50feb (50% off)
comeback4_552 (35% off)
yournext404 (50% off)
yournext738 (50% off)
ddd40 (40% off - multi-use)
40daze (40% off - multi-use)
Comeback3cl23 (25% off)
fbr50 (50% off)
mch50 (50% off)
arl50 (50% off)
40% off
partners MULTIPLE USE! (Worked in multiple stores, November 2021)
40BOX on 'select boxsets'. USA UK

50% off - some reports of success, June 2017
NXT50READ - worked USA, CA, July 2017
GRT50BOOKS - worked CA & USA, August 2017

60% off
60OCT Canada only?

75% off
OPEN75UP - worked in US, May 2017

90% off
DSCVR90BK - worked in Australia, July 2017, UK & USA May 2017

Advice from Kobo about Discount Code:
Promo codes are discounts that can be applied to specific books or magazines in the Kobo Store. Some promo codes can be redeemed only once, while others have unlimited use within a specified time frame.

Due to publisher restrictions and territorial limitations, promo codes cannot be applied to all books or magazines. It is also important to note that promo codes can not be used with the Quick Buy option at checkout.

The Standard Checkout link must be used to allow entry of the code.

To apply your promo code, please make sure of the following:

1. Your purchasing settings are set to Standard Checkout. To do this:

- Go to
- Sign into your Kobo Account
- Click on My Account
- Select Account Settings
- Scroll down and locate Checkout for eBook Purchases
- Ensure that it is set to "Show Me Standard Checkout" and click save.

2. The book you are purchasing is eligible for a promo code. To confirm this:

- Go to
- Sign into your Kobo Account if you are not signed in already
- Search for the book you wish to purchase
- Click on "Items Eligible for Promo Code Use" on the left side of the window
- Only the books eligible for promo code use will remain in your search result

3. Apply the promo code correctly by doing the following:

- Click the Buy Now button to start the checkout process.
- Click the Use standard checkout link if you have Quick Buy enabled.
- On the Purchase Confirmation Screen, you will see the Have A Promo Code? box.
- Enter the promo code in the box and click the blue + button to apply your promo code.
- If the promo code is valid and can be applied to the book or magazine you wish to purchase, the discount will be applied and shown in the pricing column on the right.
- Complete the remaining steps to finish the purchase process.

Please keep in mind that some promo codes work only on a selected list of books. There is usually a button that says "Browse Now" or "View all Sale Items".

#2  taming 01-07-2011, 05:48 PM
Great find, Goat! Thanks a bunch.

#3  mamasue 01-07-2011, 10:26 PM
Quote G0AT
Code NEWYOU11 is good for 35% off the next 10 books you use it on.

Expiry unknown.
not for me unfortunately

maybe it's already expired ...

and it's only yesterday here!! LOL

#4  ltr 01-08-2011, 09:16 AM
Doesn't work for me...........

#5  G0AT 01-08-2011, 12:43 PM
Looks like the deal is expired. Bummer.

#6  sophiek 01-08-2011, 02:49 PM
FBREADING is currently an active code for 35% off- not sure for how long or how many books but I have purchased 5 books today using it. I am in Canada, in case that makes a difference.

#7  ltr 01-08-2011, 03:15 PM
Quote sophiek
FBREADING is currently an active code for 35% off- not sure for how long or how many books but I have purchased 5 books today using it. I am in Canada, in case that makes a difference.
He thanks, that one works just fine - just got 35% off.

I've been wanting a book, but was waiting to get a discount before getting it. I got spoiled with discounts over xmas.

Where do these coupon codes come from - I haven't received any e-mail codes for either of these mentioned in this thread.


#8  sophiek 01-08-2011, 03:36 PM
Good question. When the code at the top of this post didn't work, I just googled 'Kobo discount codes Canada' and 4 or 5 popped up and this was the first one that actually worked. That is why I have no idea how long it is valid for or for how many books. I thought this one might have originated through Facebook but couldn't find a reference to it on the Kobo page on Facebook. I would be interested in knowing the answer to this question as well.

#9  mamasue 01-08-2011, 08:20 PM
Quote sophiek
FBREADING is currently an active code for 35% off- not sure for how long or how many books but I have purchased 5 books today using it. I am in Canada, in case that makes a difference.

HOORAY!!! It worked for me ~ thank you for posting

I just saved $4.58 and $3.72


#10  stodge 01-08-2011, 09:43 PM
Thanks! Saved a bunch of money on some books I'd stashed in my library!

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