росketbook 301 firmware
#31  perry261 03-29-2011, 07:27 PM
Quote Qxr
It looks like Cool-er can be updated with Росketbook 301 firmware (which is considered to be the best among the Netronix' clones). Those interested do the following:
1. Google and double-google to make sure that Росketbook 301 rules.
2. Google for < "FR-TO-PB.EXE" multiupload >.
3. Get the FR-TO-PB.EXE self-extracting archive, extract its content to an SD card to be used for the update.
4. Find the file in the myfiles folder of the update set, open it in a text editor, locate the following lines
!grep(/mtd5: 02000000 00020000 "app"/,@mtdtable) ||
!grep(/mtd6: 1d440000 00020000 "other"/,@mtdtable))

and replace them with
!grep(/mtd5: 02000000 00020000 "app"/,@mtdtable))
5. Save the file and update Cool-er using the SD card.
6. Enjoy.

- they say that Cool-er will not be updateable anymore after this update.
- do it at your own risk, only if you are ready to get your Cool-er bricked.
- if you started the update but after 10 minutes you are not sure that it is in progress, you have failed. If your previous firmware will not install after 2 attempts, install booq's (also do it twice, if the first attempt fails), then yours or try again with this one.
- there are at least two people who have made it (judging by posts).
- the default interface language will be Russian, but it can be changed to English, German or Hebrew.

PS More things to note:
- I was informed that the internal memory of Cool-ers with 1 Gb onboard decreases to 512 Mb. Personally, I think the gain is worth the loss;
- One can install the latest version of Росketbook SW (v15.2) after this update (which is 14.2). However, v14.2 is considered to be more stable.

I installed the pocketbook firmware given in your link, Also updated to ver 15.2. It is working very well. Many new options.fonts and applications.
I love it !!!
Many thanks for your post.

By the way, in the file FR-to-PB.exe, PB is obviously pocketbook, what is FR.
Another query,how to backup my firmware/OS now. In case of any file corruption/crash . I will want to re-install the firmware. In my previous firmware, or Cool-Er firmware, it would boot from SD card and re-install the whole Linux OS. But in Pocketbook 301 firmware it seems,only UPDATE.bin is read from SD card ,not any other files.

Your guidance will be much useful

#32  perry261 03-29-2011, 07:43 PM
Quote Qxr
codeMonkey - My congratulations, welcome to the club! I hope you'll find the firmware good enough (anyway, there is no known way back, as you remember).

Cyberman tM - I had to add that note about bricking possibility just because some people cannot follow instructions. The two cool-ers i saw turned into pосketbooks survived the operation all right, with no bricking.
However, I did not know that there were as EB600EM, so EB600E Cool-er models.
Nonetheless, it may be interesting for you to have a look at ShineBook firmware, too:
It has a German dictionary installed (booq has Spanish). The dictionaries seem to be not replaceable. I used to install that version with no problem at all. I made sure that it could be replaced with booq or cool-er firmware if you do not like it. Still, all the risks are yours.

You can try Infibeam Pi firmware (Netronix EB600 clone from India )

It is as good as Cool-Er firmware. You can also re-install it any number of times via SD card.

#33  grandalf 04-14-2011, 06:56 AM
I can confirm that once the pocketbook firmware is installed, it can only be updated. Most other firmware allows you to re-install the cooler os. Not found a way round this yet, good firmware though, so worth keeping. BTW I am the chap that sells them on Ebay, so I have tried a few permutations.

#34  Bulten 05-07-2011, 11:23 AM
- if you started the update but after 10 minutes you are not sure that it is in progress, you have failed. If your previous firmware will not install after 2 attempts, install booq's (also do it twice, if the first attempt fails), then yours or try again with this one.
This is exactly what happened. And i tried many many times now.

I installed/tried a lot of different firmwares, Cool-er, FR BOOK and so on. But Pocketbook, the undoubtedly BEST firmware failed to install. (You can make PDFs fit to screen, removing white borders, without reflowing or cropping the pdf-files on your computer. You can copy and paste text and notes from ebooks into your own document wich you can later edit on your computer, change fonts and add a ton of different programs, plus have different versions simultaneously of EBreader (tweaked or original )and ADE and so on, calendar, html-browser etc etc)

So, I had to reinstall the Cool-er firmware again. (Just like stated above, one has to do re-install twice in order to make it function again.)

Why is this happening? Does anybody know? The person who wrote the instructions seems to be familiar with that the installation of the firmware fails sometimes.

Things I wonder:

I don't know why this doesn't work. But it seems to be that the bootloader from the original firmware don't get overwritten, after faulty install it halts after displaying the five appearing "dots" on boot.

My eb600 is a eb600EM. Both of this models should work with the pocketbook as far as i can see, since they have both two versions (pocketbook301 (eb600) and a pocketbook301plus (eb600em).

Maybe this tweaked firmware (FR_TO_PB.exe), is just working for the 301 plain and not the pb301plus? The original firmware seems to contain hardware specific files for both versions. Maybe then just a few files from the original firmware could be used to overwrite some of the files extracted from the FR_TO_PB.exe? Plz understand that I'm just speculating now. This might actually have nothing to do with the real cause of the firmware installation failure.

Does anyone know what to do?


The Un-tweaked original firmwares on Pocketbooks page:

A forum page in Spanish that gives an slightly different overview of the installation process (that also didnt work for me). (Use google translate to read in english)

The whole tweak originaly came from this forum, that has MASSIVE amount of text about it. But it is in russian so if you like me dont understand this language use google translate: 354999

#35  Qxr 05-13-2011, 04:20 AM
Bulten, аs far as I know, nobody has reported about successful adapting PB firmware any further. The only thing I can suggest is trying to update your reader with FR_TO_PB firmware without the editing suggested in step 4 of my instruction.

#36  julio:map 07-16-2011, 07:07 AM

First of all, my Cool-er is EB-600EM based. How do I know? because PB has a settings-> about device, that reports this information.

I did all the points as stated in the first post from Qxr. Read it thoroughly you must certainly be ready to get your cooler bricked.

I did have a first attempt which failed with a FAT formated SD. I saw all of the first "dots" but nothing else happened. With the same SD I tried to reinstall Cool-er firmware (which I had to google for, because Interead cooler's site has dissapeared).

My "semi-breaked" device showed only three of the dots when swiched on, and when "power on + third button + reset" with that sd showed all of the dots (I haven't counted if there are five or seven) but nothing more. (I couldn't install neither FR TO PB, nor COOL-ER firmware... it was late at night and I didn't try anything else).

After changing the SD with another one which was FAT32 formated, I tried anew FR TO PB (following the steps of the first post) and it succeeded. My device has 1Gb internal memory, so I did have to do the editing which was quite easy (as I said, follow the steps).

When things went wrong, I saw the six dots and nothing more for ten minutes. When things went OK, I saw the six dots, and ten seconds later a screen in russian with five or six check-boxes which were checked one by one along the time the procedure ran.

Once finished I found a rswitched on ussian PB device, which was easy to convert into english (the pertinent options are in both english and russian).

Once in english I upgraded to 15.3 following the instructions for PB 301+ on

Here it is, with the latest PB version and in english.

Why did I change? Because Cool-er got frozen with certain pdf files, and didn't allow me to delete them (I had to remember those files, connect to a PC, and delete them from there). And of course for the fun of doing it.

Hope this helps anybody.

Excuse me if I have not introduced myself I was just willing to help because I read a post saying there were no success stories (and I, myself thought I was mad for following instructions found on the internet without success stories behind them).

Anyhow you know you're taking a risk if you try the instructions.

#37  Zenec 07-26-2011, 06:15 PM

I followed the first part of the instructions as above and managed to update my Cool-er. However, things went wrong when I tried to update to the newest firmware

Quote julio:map
Once in english I upgraded to 15.3 following the instructions for PB 301+ on
I did everything according to the instructions and the update process was initiated. I wasn't really watching but at one point the device switched off, I assume it was the automatic restart. But I never managed to turn it back on again. The screen is blank, the led is green constantly. If I connect it to USB it turns orange, but my computer doesn't see the device (maybe because before update it was set to charge only usb mode?). I tried resetting it both as a pocketbook and as a cool-er but nothing changes. If I press the reset button at the back the screen turns black then white (blank) again and nothing happens.

What could I try to do to bring my device back to life?

#38  Zenec 07-27-2011, 04:24 AM
I am reading pocketbook 301 manual and it states that if device doesn't switch on, one can format the internal memory by pressing and holding "Delete" button during switching on the device. However, I've got two issues:
1.The manual doesn't say which button is "Delete"
2.My device is constantly on (green led light, blank screen) unless I remove the battery, will it work? I guess I could remove the battery, put it back in, hold the "Delete" button (when I find out which one is it) and then press the "power button".

Any other tips? Thanks!

#39  Barcey 07-27-2011, 07:01 AM
There are four buttons on the left hand side of the reader. The bottom button of the four is the delete button. My PB301 has a small trash can symbol on it.

#40  Zenec 07-27-2011, 12:52 PM
Alright, tried that, didn't work. Any other tips what can I do? Is it worth trying to post this issue in pocketbook subforum? I mean, the first flashing did work, so does it mean that I basically had pocketbook 301 and can go by those manuals? Or are there some differences in the recovery process between pocketbook and cooler?

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