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#1  DaleDe 12-16-2009, 06:00 PM

The forum is devoted to the Hanlin eBook made by Jinke. It is a very popular eBook Reader that is sold all over the world. It will generally be sold under the Hanlin brand name in Asia and parts of Europe. You can read more about the Hanlin line on our wiki Hanlin eBook@Wiki »Here is a list of names that are all based on the Hanlin hardware and firmware.

* Walkbook - Mostly in Turkey and middle east.
* lBook eReader - Ukraine version LBook with special firmware.
* Papyre - Spanish Hanlin V3 clone
* Iscriptum - European source for lBook.
* Apollo V3 - Spanish Dealer
* Pixelar - UK distributor.
* BEBOOK by the Dutch company "Endless Ideas". The are distributed all over Europe.
* EZ READER from Astak. - North America
* KOLIBRI V3 - Slovene version
* Cyberport - German Version
* koobe - Hungarian version
* Central Book Services - ECO Reader - Australian version

Most of the company products listed above are specifically one model of the Hanlin. The V3 is the most popular model. It is a 6" device. Occasionally you may find a different model just as a V2. The second most popular model is the V5, with a 5" screen which may be available on some of the brand names mentioned above. All of these models are described in the wiki.

Each brand will have some minor tweaks, mostly the open and close screens however lBook has made extensive changes to the user interface and some of the applications used to read some formats.

Openinkpot is a company that makes their own firmware. They have a version for the Hanlin V3. MobileRead has a forum devoted to Openinkpot.

If you don't find what you are looking for here you might also try the Astak EZ Reader forum that is also on MobileRead. Most of the threads there are equally applicable to the standard Hanlin devices. However, threads specifically named as Astak will, of course, be unique to that company and occasionally you might see a thread about a Mentor product which is not made my Jinke. Packaging is also different among the Hanlin companies.

#2  urbane_gorilla 05-03-2010, 11:04 AM
Has anyone tried the Calibre User Manual on the Hanlin V3 or the BeBook?
Downloading it from the Calibre site is fine, both the calibre reader and the FBreader read it OK (on the PC) but the Hanlin behaves VERY oddly - there are very dark grey pages from which one cannot move on (forward or back) and generally the EPUB reader jams up.

I used calibre to get a pdf version - this is legible but not readable! There are spantaneous changes in page size and font size and arbitrary blank pages.

Is there any news out there?

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