Horror Various Authors: A Book of Ghosts — 28. v1. 21 Jul 2022
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A collection of ten stories of the uncanny and the macabre by various authors; my own compilation.

A list of the titles:

Spoiler Warning below

The Dead Man’s Story – 1858
by James Hain Friswell
The Child Stealer – 1871
by Emile Erckmann
and Alexandre Chatrian
The Gray Wolf – 1871
by George MacDonald
The Veiled Portrait – 1874
by James Grant
The Haunted Dragoon – 1892
by Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
Uncle Abraham’s Romance – 1893
by Edith Nesbit
The Gray Cat – 1901
by Barry Pain
A Tropical Horror – 1905
by William Hope Hodgson
Kerfol – 1916
by Edith Wharton
The Tomb – 1922
by H.P. Lovecraft

Contents were originally published 1858 ~ 1922. This book is in the public domain where copyright is “Life+70” or less, and in the USA.
This work is assumed to be in the Life+70 public domain OR the copyright holder has given specific permission for distribution. Copyright laws differ throughout the world, and it may still be under copyright in some countries. Before downloading, please check your country's copyright laws. If the book is under copyright in your country, do not download or redistribute this work.

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