eBookwise 1150 hands-on review
#1  Alexander Turcic 11-22-2004, 10:24 AM
Brad has one of the first hands-on reviews of the rebranded eBookwise 1150 hardware e-book reader. Nice job, Brad!

From his MR forum comment:

At first I was kind of disappointed with the low res, half VGA screen, but that quickly changed when I started to read. My reading speed went way up because of the larger screen. I could sort of scan ahead. Also even though it is lower res, I find the 1150's serif font easier to read than the default sans-serif font on my PDA.

I've always maintained that the relatively small screen size of today's PDAs is one of their biggest drawbacks - at least when it comes to reading e-books. The eBookwise's huge paperback screen size outshines conventional PDA screens. The low price ($99) plus the big screen make the eBookwise an interesting alternative to PDAs if you are looking for a dedicated e-book device.

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