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#1021  GtrsRGr8 04-26-2021, 11:05 PM
Note: I'm putting this post in the "Christian Interest" subforum because the publisher of the book, Straight Street Books is "the Christian Living non-fiction imprint of Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas." I would expect religious content, of some degree, in the book.

Heart Cries of Every Teen, by Jackie Perry.

4.7/5.0 stars at Amazon.

298 pages.

Look Beyond The Confusing Or Chaotic Behaviors Of Your Teens. Could A Relentless Longing Be Hiding Behind The Outward Actions?

Like many parents or caring adults working with adolescents, you may feel confused, concerned, and challenged by some of their actions or emotional displays. While you may be tempted to either discipline, disregard or disconnect from them, these behaviors often offer you the greatest opportunities to interact with your child’s deepest aspect—the heart!

The thoughts, feelings, will, and moral compass of human beings lies within the heart. If you do not connect with this center place, you will sorely limit your ability to lead, impact, or nourish the innermost parts of a teen’s soul.

In Heart Cries of Every Teen, Jackie Perry, a seasoned counselor, speaker, writer, and educator helps you understand how the many physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and psychological changes occurring during adolescence actually provoke eight heart core desires to emerge with force. These relentless longings compel adolescents to look for ways to satisfy and soothe the aches that arise when these go unsatisfied. You will learn to recognize how these desires reflect the best and worst behaviors in teens and how to respond compassionately.

Every teen needs someone who will see into their hearts and help them learn how to care for the core desires that lie there. Without this guidance many will never know that only through healthy connections with others and a relationship with Christ will these longings ever be fully satisfied. Using true accounts of teens and principled insights, Jackie empowers you to respond to teens in ways that care for this sacred yet often heavily protected space of the heart.

Get the free book here.

#1022  AlanTristar 04-27-2021, 03:09 PM
I had bought a few bible EPUBs years ago (10+) that I seem to have misplaced.

I quickly realized jumping verse to verse during a sermon was too much for the old Sony I had. Me/it couldn't keep up and it was frustrating.

Over the decades, I tried several computer apps and several tablet apps. I invested in bibles from e-Sword and OliveTree.

I am currently using AndBible on my deGoogled Pixel 4a. I also use OliveTree on my iPad.

I bought a Libra H20 to exit the Amazon ecosystem of my Kindle PW3. Was thinking of maybe getting an EPUB bible for more of a daily reading device. Are there variations in speed/navigation of Bible editions... better indexed, better search, etc. Maybe a link to a free one to see if it frsutrates me again before I plunk out another $40.

Any tools to leverage my e-Sword or OliveTree purchases into an eReader format?


#1023  DaleDe 04-28-2021, 12:11 PM
I believe there is one in the posted eBooks in this group.

#1024  GtrsRGr8 04-28-2021, 07:22 PM
It's the one in the New International Commentary on the New Testament (NICNT) series and written by Gordon Fee.

371 pages.

Ranked #9 in the (long) list of commentaries on 1 & 2 Thessalonians, at Rated 4.9/5.0 at Amazon.

Regular Kindle price is $30.00!

Go here to grab this bargain on one of the best commentaries on 1 & 2 Thessalonians around.

#1025  GtrsRGr8 05-01-2021, 01:17 AM
You can get Gordon D. Fee's Revelation volume of the New Covenant Commentary, for only $2.99, right now!

Compare to the Amazon price of $28.57 for the paperback and $50.33 for the hardback right now!

This commentary is very highly rated.

Navigate to this Amazon webpage to grab this deal.

#1026  GtrsRGr8 05-16-2021, 03:04 AM
Someone (maybe I) posted a list of free books from Biblical Archaeology Review (BAR) sometime in the past.

Well, the free offerings have changed. More than anything, it appears that BAR has added several, while deleting very few, if any. Some of the older ones may have been updated since the time that they were posted in this subforum earlier. Anyway, there are now 25 of them, if my count is correct.

Don't feel intimidated by the subject matter--BAR is written for a popular, rather than scholarly, audience.

Free books from BAR.

#1027  rxmom03 06-04-2022, 05:42 AM
I have been listening to Esau McCaulley on podcasts and reading articles he has written and am really excited that this book is on sale now. Sorry I can't figure out how to do a fancy link! &sr=8-1

Growing up in the American South, Esau McCaulley knew firsthand the ongoing struggle between despair and hope that marks the lives of some in the African American context. A key element in the fight for hope, he discovered, has long been the practice of Bible reading and interpretation that comes out of traditional Black churches. This ecclesial tradition is often disregarded or viewed with suspicion by much of the wider church and academy, but it has something vital to say.
Reading While Black is a personal and scholarly testament to the power and hope of Black biblical interpretation. At a time in which some within the African American community are questioning the place of the Christian faith in the struggle for justice, New Testament scholar McCaulley argues that reading Scripture from the perspective of Black church tradition is invaluable for connecting with a rich faith history and addressing the urgent issues of our times. He advocates for a model of interpretation that involves an ongoing conversation between the collective Black experience and the Bible, in which the particular questions coming out of Black communities are given pride of place and the Bible is given space to respond by affirming, challenging, and, at times, reshaping Black concerns. McCaulley demonstrates this model with studies on how Scripture speaks to topics often overlooked by white interpreters, such as ethnicity, political protest, policing, and slavery.
Ultimately McCaulley calls the church to a dynamic theological engagement with Scripture, in which Christians of diverse backgrounds dialogue with their own social location as well as the cultures of others. Reading While Black moves the conversation forward.

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