Bebook one firmware/update
#1  Justus4 12-06-2015, 06:59 PM

i found an old bebook one from my dad and I would like to use it. Unfortunately the old firmware (2008 or so) is not able to read drm protected pdf files. Without this ability the bebook is nearly useless to me. So i am looking for a firmware update for the bebook one that enables me to read drm protected pdf (adobe digital edition). I searched A LOT during the last days but just couldnt find any place to download the update. is down and on jinke I couldnt find anything either. Does anyone have a download link for a firmware update???

That would be amazing!

openinkpot is - to my knoledge - not able toe read drm protected files...

I think the following versions should work:

-V3 Update Hanlin V2.10 2009-08-03
-update 2.20 2009-11-24 jinke

Or what would you suggest?

please help...

#2  BobC 12-12-2015, 04:49 PM
You are right about Openinkpot - it won't read DRM protected files.

When Bebook started out it would only read Mobipocket DRM then at a later date it would handle ADE (Epubs) and had to drop the Mobipocket. I can't recall if when it got ADE it could handle PDFs though.

There was some firmware by Tirwal that allowed booting to either DRM scheme - most sources of this were Italian IIRC but you might find something that still works by searching for that. Have a look at[FIRMWARE]-Tirwal-2-9-TRIPLE-BOOT-ADDONS for instance (you might need to get Google to translate it for you).

The Italian Papyre reader was the same hardware as the BeBook and I've used Tirwal firmware on a BB 1, though I'm not sure where the instructions are any more to get it to boot into the right configuration.


#3  Justus4 12-21-2015, 10:02 AM
Hi BobC,
Thanks for the information!

For anyone trying to figure this problem out: I actually found a solution after some more research that works. There was a thread in this forum from 2010 ( ) and it linked to a firmware update for the lbook ( ). Its similar to your solution, cause the lbook also runs on the same hardware as the BeBook, as it is made by Hanlin. So i downloaded it and installed it and it actually worked. And this version is ADE compatible!

the correct version is: V3update-20100829-newkernel (the site is in russian)

It had some issues copying the pdf file to the reader (ADE broke down once) but it works.



#4  BobC 12-23-2015, 05:38 AM
Glad you got something that works for you. I'd forgotten about the LBook; I did use it for a time along with other firmware.

The BeBook 1 is still a decent device, though a bit slow; the nicest part is that it has a simple replaceable battery which is easily available which means that, assuming it doesn't get sat upon, it should provide many years of service.

I have two of them - one has OpenInkpot on, that was because the choice of fonts sizes for FB2 and EPUB was much better than any stock firmware.

Looking back I think the last Jinke version was 20090902, at least that is the latest image I have in my archive.


#5  BobC 12-29-2015, 08:09 AM

Just something you might not realise with the Lbook firmware is that there are two viewers included that will handle EPUB files. The default is the Adobe one which will open your DRM protected files but CoolReader 3 is also included (it doesn't handle DRM).

If you have any non-DRM protected EPUBS then if you use a long press to open the book it will give you three options - Open, Delete and Copy. If you use the Open option you will use CR3 which has many more display options than the Adobe one.


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