Extracting markups (annotations and highlites) from your ebook!
#21  nrapallo 05-11-2010, 11:37 PM
Quote cyndessa
I am having problems with the .imp file was was created by sbtest.exe. I cannot get it to open with primopdf or utilizing the tool found at:

The primopdf exe only opens a blank command window when used to open the .imp file. The publisher tool does nothing when I try to open the .imp file. My .imp file created with sbtest.exe is not an empty file- has 584kb. This is created from a RES file on my EBW 1150 that was simply copied onto my hard drive from the memory card.
If that .imp was a purchased ebook or was encrypted, then sbtest.exe would not be able to create a valid .imp. The eBook Publisher .imp viewer program will open any valid .imp, so you may have "confirmed" that your .res to .imp process created a malformed .imp.

You can confirm if any .imp ebook is encrypted by doing the following:
While at the eBookshelf screen, tap the "circled icon" containing a book beside the name of this ebook on your EBW1150 and look at the bottom of the pop-up screen near the bookshelf graphic to see if there is a picture of a lock. If there is then the ebook has been encrypted to be read only on your ebook reader and cannot be "unencrypted" or copied legibly onto your hard drive.

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