where to buy french power supply/transfo (Paris/online) ?
#21  HarryT 03-24-2008, 08:42 AM
Go to Maplins (or any other electronics store, but there's a Maplins' store in virtually every UK town) and buy a general-purpose mains adaptor with switchable output voltage and a set of replacable "tips". That should work just fine with your 1150.

#22  zelda_pinwheel 03-24-2008, 10:12 AM
Quote LeserattePD
Hi there,

I've been lugging around a big voltage adaptor (about 700g) to plug my american ebook charger into for the last three years because I didn't know there were UK chargers with the right plugs.

So did you buy this charger? Are the plugs correct for the ebookwise? How heavy is it (Amazon says packaged weight 300 g, but how much is the charger on it's own)?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Maybe there should be a sticky thread detailing which chargers are right for which part of the world? With relevant links... and maybe we should send the info to kascarlett so she can include it whenever she sells an ebookwise outside of America.
i have one just like it but with a french plug. it is about the same size and weight of the original eb1150 charger, but a bit lighter and smaller. definitely quite portable. there are a variety of tips to chose from, and one of them fits the eb1150 perfectly. it has also come in handy for other things which i did not anticipate, including when the power supply of my modem died unexpectedly, and luckily i could use this one (with a different tip) until my ISP could send a new one .

you just have to pay attention, to which way you attach the tip : if you look closely, "TIP" is written on one side of the end of the cord : this corresponds to the center polarity. the tip itself has a + on one side and a - on the other. so for center positive, put the + of the tip on the same side as the word "tip" of the end of the wire.

#23  LeserattePD 03-25-2008, 06:46 AM
Thanks a lot!

#24  sanchoman 06-23-2010, 08:15 AM
Have you tried getting the travel adapter for your transformer. They sell them everywhere. Skymall catalog, etc.

#25  250 Coupe 06-23-2010, 09:59 PM
Quote sanchoman
Have you tried getting the travel adapter for your transformer. They sell them everywhere. Skymall catalog, etc.
A 220V in, 120V out small electronics (50 watt) type converter does in fact work but transformer based adapters get hot if the frequency is incorrect.

I used a RCA brand converter when we went to Tonga last year to keep stuff charged. The eBookwise charged fine but due to the 50Hz supply, it ran hot to the touch so I never ran it longer than needed.


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