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#1  lvd4 03-26-2011, 04:42 PM
Never had this happen before:
I created an imp book using ebook Publisher, as usual.
The books is 2.3 MB - not unusal size.
When transfer .imp to ebw1150, reports that it is 3% of my bookshelf - normal for a largish ebook.
But, when I open the ebook on the 1150, it only has the first 28 pages.

When I 'Preveiw' the ebook in ebook Publisher, the entire book is there.

Any idea what might be happening?


#2  nrapallo 03-27-2011, 08:22 AM
Hey lvd4:

Try running your source html through "Tidy" to perhaps clean out some weird characters that may exist.

Is your source in "UTF-8" encoding? If so, try saving as normal text and using HTML code for unrepresentable characters.

Is there something special at the spot on page 28 where the .imp halts?

Just food for thought....

#3  lvd4 03-27-2011, 12:39 PM
Hey Nick,
Yes, the first 28 pages has graphics such as family tree, timelines, small maps! Since those don't translate well anyway onto the reader's small screen, I deleted those pages and, voila! The entire rest of the book is there. (I didn't try the Tidy program...will look into that.)
I knew you would come to my rescue! Thanks.

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