Frozen/Locked Kobo
#1  ArthurC 05-13-2010, 12:37 PM
Hi All.

Hoping you can help.

I picked up a Kobo last week and despite some initial misgivings, I've learned to love it and have already read 3 books on it.

However, today while i was reading, the device simply locked up. There was no response to any button pushes except the power button, and that response was simply for the red and blue leds to flash once every half second or so if I held the power button down. The page I was reading remained on the screen.

I tried plugging it into my PC thinking that might help it shake out it's problems, and the screen reset to the "Kobo, eReading: anytime, anyplace." splash screen, but is still non-responsive. The computer does not see the Kobo either, and the only response I can get from it is the led flashing when I hold the power button.

I also tried the paperclip in the reset hole, and that does nothing. If I press the reset button AND hold the power button, I don't get the flashing leds, but that's it.

Any suggestions? They're scarce around here right now so I'd just assume not have to wait to get a new one.



#2  ArthurC 05-13-2010, 12:43 PM
Ugh, so I tried a different cable and it reset it. (Which is odd, because the cable i tried originally was the one that came iwth the kobo and is only a week old.)

Sorry to have bothered you guys.

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