The ADVENTURE OF ANNA THE GREAT - .99 cents for the Summer
#1  DaringNovelist 05-09-2010, 09:15 PM
The Adventure of Anna the Great is a YA swashbuckler, mystery and comedy, with horses and swordfights, and spying and practical jokes. It's on sale for the summer at 99 cents at both Smashwords and Kindle. (No coupon necessary.)

Book Description: In the tiny nation of Lifbau in 1863, girls are not allowed to have adventures. At fourteen, Anna is still physically immature enough to pass for a boy. She realizes that now may be her one and only chance to grab an adventure, so she runs away from home, and gets a job as a stable boy in the royal stables. There she is surrounded by intrigues in the stables and the palace. When a mysterious woman is kidnapped, only Anna is both forthright and sneaky enough to keep tabs on the crime. But she also finds herself caught between an admirable but boring hero, and a villain who, though dead wrong, is a lot more fun. With only one chance at adventure, Anna has to find the right path between the two.

The Adventure of Anna the Great: at Smashwords, or for Kindle

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