Jinke Hanlin reader: What do you want to know?
#1  Alexander Turcic 03-20-2006, 08:11 AM
Creating the perfect e-book device is no walk in the park, but China-based Jinke nearly reaches the market with the very promising Hanlin V8 and V2 E Ink readers. Thanks to our member CommanderROR who got in contact with "maple", one of the representatives of Jinke, you can now ask any device-specific question that comes up to your mind and have it hopefully answered to your satisfaction.

Some of the juicy details just reveiled: each of the two devices has a replaceable battery (same as in the Nokia 6100 handset), the E Ink-typical ghosting effect has been improved, refresh rate when turning pages: 0.9 seconds, boot time: 15 seconds.

Reminder: there's also a Q&A session going on the iRex iLiad reader (thanks to Nick Hampshire), another e-book contenter to become available soon.

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