Literary Moon Tiger by Penelope Lively
#11  fantasyfan 02-05-2021, 04:50 AM
Quote Bookworm_Girl
The style is very interesting. It has an omniscient narrator mixed with the retelling of scenes by other characters after Claudia presents it.

The concept of time as a kaleidoscope is also intriguing. Not just a linear path by calendar but how mixing up people and places by shaking the kaleidoscope puts unexpected memories side by side. It made me think of how our photos exist in digital software and what a unique path we travel through in time when our apps create Memories for us that8 show up in the app timelines such as This Day in Time or Times You Went to a Place or Memories With This Person or Memories of Christmases Past or even searching by a keyword.
I agree that the organisation of the book is brilliant. Time is all one—a series of stratal layers is one way she describes it. As I expected, her writing is very beautiful with the interwoven perspectives cleverly developed.

What I did not expect was a main character so vividly unlikeable. I found myself getting quite frequently annoyed with Claudia’s perpetual arrogance, selfishness and narcissism. Still, she was somehow compelling if unpleasant.

I have very mixed feelings about the novel. There is honesty and power in its vision but it is challenging too. I don’t see how anyone could be dismissive about its merit.

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