Tolino firmware 13.2.0 released (Shine 3 soon?)
#1  rcentros 12-12-2019, 07:13 AM
Now all Tolinos can be upgraded to 13.2.0 except the original Shine (which is stuck at 10.5.0 forever I think) and (for some reason) the Shine 3. Once the upgrade for the Shine 3 is complete it looks like there will be three groupings. The current group of eReaders (Page 2, Shine 3, Vision 5 and Epos 2), the pre-Kobo Tolinos (Page, Shine 2 HD, the four Visions (1-4) and the original Epos). The original Shine (both Pearl and Carta versions) will remain in its own group. There are a few small changes (there's no longer an "Accept or Cancel" in the font menu, just an "X" in the top, right corner to exit out after making changes) and dialogue changes in the light settings when reading. The biggest new feature is Dark Mode - beta (on all devices with the 13.2.0 firmware) and Magnification mode on a couple models. There may be other changes I haven't found yet.

I upgraded a Tolino Page and it's fast and responsive, and (so far) it looks good. Dark mode (white on black) works well, though page turning is more noticeable.

Links... (new upgrades)...

Old firmware... Might want to download the version for your reader in case there is a reason you want to revert. (You'll have to rename it for storage and identification as all Tolino update files are simply "" -- which is kind of odd. The Tolino will expect the name "" when you use it for upgrading or downgrading.)

No Vision 1 here for some reason, but it can be found using's Wayback machine.

(Found it with Google search.)

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