Action Binns, Ottwell: The Gate of Ringing Sands (1927); v1; 10 July 2020
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Also published as "Ringing Sands"

A rousing adventure set in the Pamirs north of Hunza, in what was then the North West Frontier of the British Empire. Word has reached the Raj that a new Mahdi is to be proclaimed at the mysterious location "The Gate of Ringing Sands", and this will bring about a Jihad.

The whole is being fomented by the Russians, and the story brings in an enigmatic and beautiful Russian woman, a wild and ruthless Cossack, and the mysterious "Ringing Sands".

(In the text, there is reference to a "Dard cap" and to a place named Astor. The Dard people are one of the ethnic groups in the Hunza; and Astor really is the name of a place.)

Prepared from the serial in weekly newspaper Adelaide Chronicle in 1927-8. 72,000 words.
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