Horror Nisbet, Hume: Elements of Fear. v1. 19 Jul 2022
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Chills and thrills and spookiness in the shadowy corners…

My own compilation. This small collection gathers Nisbet’s most frequently anthologized supernatural short stories. (The great majority of his short stories are not freely available online.)

A list of the titles:

Spoiler Warning below

The Vampire Maid

The Old Portrait

The Odic Touch

The Phantom Model

The Demon Spell

The Haunted Station

James Hume Nisbet (8 August 1849 – 4 June 1923) was a Scottish actor, painter, teacher and author. Though he spent most of his life in England, he was intermittently in Australia from 1865, where much of his non-fantastic fiction is set. He wrote at least forty-five novels, some of which are fantasy or science fiction.

Contents of this collection were first published 1890 ~ 1894. This ebook is in the public domain worldwide, because the author died more than 100 years ago, and contents were published before 1927.
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