Short Fiction Wallace, Edgar: Wonderful London; v1; 2 May 2022
#1  Pulpmeister 05-03-2022, 12:47 AM
Sixteen light-hearted short stories of the bright young things of 20s London. A series which ran in "The People" magazine in 1924.

1: The Girl in the Night Club Raid
2: The Easter-Monday Prince
3: The Girl Who Won at Epsom
4: The Vampire of Wembley
5: The Man Behind the Opera
6: The Picture of the Year
7: Presented at Court
8: A Deal on the Derby
9: Wimbledon and a Woman
10: An Ascot Adventure
11: An Olympic Interlude
12: A Houseboat at Henley
13: A Goodwood Guest
14: A Deauville Gamble
15: A Harrogate Attachment
16: A Matter of Preference
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#2  Pulpmeister 05-03-2022, 02:10 AM
I have had this sitting in my Calibre Library since 2015, and and forgotten where I found it. After a hour or so on the Internet I discovered that it came from Roy Glashan's Library, where there is an interesting bibliographical comment on the unusual (for Wallace) series of short stories.

#3  ableal 05-07-2022, 06:57 PM
Thanks for the bountiful stream of contributions, much appreciated.

I suppose the comment is here:

I just checked and it's absent from the epub version, although they both sit in the same line of this table:

While I'm at it, I may as well quote the first two paragraphs:
This series of 16 illustrated stories appeared in the British Sunday newspaper The People from April 13 to July 27, 1924. The British Bibliography of Edgar Wallace (Adley & Lofts, 1969) attributes all of the stories to Edgar Wallace. However, only the first four actually appeared under the latter's name. All four feature, as a secondary character, a lady by the name of Tressa, who serves as a social counsellor to the main protagonists.

The remaining twelve stories, which form a separate series, describe the exploits of a young Australian socialite—Daphne Wyse—who works under false pretences for an organisation called "Social Emergencies.

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