Short Fiction Newton, Douglas: I, Savaran (1937); v1, 1 Jan 2022
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Full title: I, Savaran! Prince of Adventurers (1937)

Author: Wilfrid Bernard Michael Newton, (1884-1951) who wrote as Wilfrid Douglas Newton and Douglas Newton.

A collection of 12 short stories featuring the colourful adventurer Savaran (no other name), who has made Africa has stamping ground; getting in and out of incredible scrapes, in a lighthearted and wildly politically incorrect series of escapades.

The hardcover original included 14 stories; however, the book is incredibly rare, and this edition has been assembled from 12 stories published in The Australian Women's Weekly during 1937. They are presented here in the AWW's order, which is not the same as they first appeared in The Passing Show magazine in 1936.

I was unable to find the missing two stories anywhere, not even their titles. (There was a sequel, "Savaran and the Great Sand.") There is some clues that they may have been non-Savaran stories.

I created the cover using the only image of the first edition dust jacket I could find, which was small, distorted, and only partial.

1: Moonbeam of Pearl
2: Blade of the Spear
3: Proud Beauty
4: Pawn to Check a Queen
5: Song Of The Siren
6: Wandering Gentile
7: Power of the Eyes
8: Lily of Deceit
9: Delilah's Daughter
10: The Young Lion
11: The Lady Jasmine
12: Riddle of the Devoted Sphinx
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