Amazon US spend $XX get $YY credit - October 10 to October 16
#91  library addict 05-23-2022, 08:25 PM
I have the $3 on $10 offer. I don't usually buy kindle books. But I have a friend I usually gift books for her birthday and the offer covers gifting books, so I activated it. I am sure I can find a book that is Amazon only to buy with my free $3.

#92  FourOhFour 06-14-2022, 12:28 PM
Here we go again... spend $15 get $5. June 13-24

#93  sufue 06-14-2022, 02:34 PM
Woo-hoo, I got the offer for once. Thanks, @FourOhFour!

And it's nice - this time there's a tracker for how much I've spent already, and also they have a little survey where you can indicate whether you like the offer or not. Not sure the input will actually matter, but they are asking.

I suppose one could be cynical about how they will use one's answer, but I'm choosing to be optimistic, or at least not negative ...

QUOTE=FourOhFour;4230500]Here we go again... spend $15 get $5. June 13-24[/QUOTE]

#94  issybird 06-14-2022, 03:04 PM
This was a surprise. Earlier, better percentage, and a longer qualifying period than in the past. I’ve said it before; unless it’s a sale price which won’t last, why wouldn’t you wait on a purchase until the next promotion? And even more so after this one.

#95  Paperbackstash 06-14-2022, 04:43 PM
Got, and now spent

#96  ZodWallop 06-14-2022, 06:19 PM
Woohoo! I've already spent $4.35. I really like the new graph. I used to have to guess how close I was.

#97  sufue 06-15-2022, 12:10 PM

And I would actually go do a little spreadsheet to add it up if the end of the period was close, and I hadn't gotten a credit yet. Whether I decided I was close and I'd push over the line, or that I wasn't going to make it and not worth trying - either way it was still a minor pain to track down what I'd bought and for how much, and the graph is for sure much nicer!

#98  apesmom 07-08-2022, 12:35 PM
I got an offer for Spend $10 and Get $5 this morning. Valid July 8 through July 21.

#99  ZodWallop 07-08-2022, 01:00 PM
Quote apesmom
I got an offer for Spend $10 and Get $5 this morning. Valid July 8 through July 21.
Worked for me. Thanks!

#100  Josieb1 07-09-2022, 04:34 PM
We have the Kindle Promotion for Prime Members on Amazon UK. I’m just very confused and numerous calls to Customer Support haven’t helped. The Deals page says spend £10 get £5 credit, yet I got to the terms and conditions page before I activated the promotion (I can’t get to it now) and it says spend £15 get £5 credit. Customer Support says it’s £15, but the Facebook Team for Amazon says it £10. I’ve sent the screenshot in three times now but I still can’t get a proper answer.
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