Short Fiction Quiller-Couch, Sir Arthur: Q's Shorter Stories (1944); v1
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Q's last book, published the year he died.

1.The Spinster’s Maying
2.The Conspiracy Aboard The ‘Midas’
3.Pipes In Arcady
4.The Paupers
5.Old Aeson
6.The Small People
8.The Mayor Of Gantick
10.Beside The Bee-Hives
11.These-An’-That’s Wife
12.The Gifts Of Feodor Himkoff
13.The Drawn Blind
14.Three Photographs
15.School Friends
16.A Town’s Memory
17.Cuckoo Valley Railway
18.The Mourner’s Horse
19.Monsieur Benest

20.When The Sap Rose
21.The Bridals Of Ysselmonde
22.The Czarina’s Violet
24.St. Piran And The Visitation
25.The Magic Shadow
26.Our Lady Of Gwithian

28.My Grandfather, Hendry Watty
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