Other Fiction Quintt, Wilder Dwight: On Satan's mount. v1. 27 Jan 2016
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Quintt, Wilder Dwight: Born : 1863 Boston, Massachusetts, USA: Died : 1936

THE trinity of earth and sky and sea, blessed indeed when each is at its fairest, smiled in most indulgent mood at the thousands of men and women who were gathered at Oceanic on a certain day in June to see the running of the greatest turf event of the year, the American Handicap. The human butterflies caught the infection of perfect air, unclouded blue, smooth-shaven, flower-spangled green and far off flecks of white on a turquoise sea. They fluttered and dancedĀ—if one saw them from a distanceĀ—filling the gigantic steel pavilion with life and color. At closer range their laughter and chatter and screaming badinage smote the ear like the noise of some vast aviary, which, in fact, the great structure, of marvelous lightness and elegance, crowned with gilded domes and minarets, and colored in extraordinary tints, strongly suggested.
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