Ebookwise Librarian won't convert Ebooks in Windows 7
#1  eshajan 03-02-2011, 02:53 AM
Hi, I've recently installed Windows 7 home premium and now EBW Librarian doesn't work anymore.

I already did this procedure:

Got to this directory:

Right click on the file named ... hosts

Click Properties
Click the Security tab
Click the EDIT button
Click on the Users option (in the window labled Group or User Names)

In the window labled "Permissions for Users"
click all the buttons in the "Allow" column

now click "OK"
Click ok again to close the Hosts Poperties window

You should be all set now, restart eBookWise Librarian and you should be able to access your books again.

It did not work, however. I get an error message stating
Info file n/a, line n/a, col n/a
Fatal error file n/a, line n/a, col n/a

How can I make it work again?

#2  eshajan 03-05-2011, 09:57 PM
I did the recommended procedure to get the Librarian running under Windows Vista, that got me access to the ebookshelf but did not fix the problem with converting ebooks.
What did get the Librarian running is going to properties /compatibility/compatibility mode/run program in compatibility mode for/ and selecting windows 2000.

That did the trick, it's up and running once more.

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