New Literary Short: A DAUGHTER’S LOVE by Lorraine Sears
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Today’s release is all about “new.” We have a new short story, a new price, a new review and it’s all from a fairly new author. Be sure to check out the five-star review this title has already received at Amazon, which you can view by clicking HERE.

About “A Daughter’s Love”

A young woman attempts to take care of her father who struggles with inner demons from his time at war. Can a daughter’s love overcome the ferocity of a battle being waged in the mind? A flash from the Nibs literary short story line.

About Lorraine Sears

In her mid-thirties, but trying to fight the relentless tide of aging, Lorraine tries to portray herself as responsible married mother of two to all but those who know her best. Her imagination is still her driving force, and through the years she has formed a strong bond with it, and now it works for her as opposed to against her; the many notebooks littering her home are a testament to this long and often fiery relationship.

Lorraine’s works have appeared in
New Flesh Magazine, Pill Hill Daily Flash Fiction Anthology, 2011, Black Heart Magazine, Joyful!, This Magazine Will Change Your Life and Pond Ripples.

Read Lorraine’s blog here.

How To Purchase “A Daughter’s Love”

We’re happy to announce that for our much shorter length works (stories that are under 2000 words), the new price will be only $0.99. We think this is a great way to get a taste of an author’s style without having to sacrifice your morning latte. If you like this story, you’ll also want to check out “A Summer Wedding” by Jesse S. Greever, which is also only $0.99 and available wherever ebooks are sold.

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