Free Extract for you - Kick-Ass Debt Guide
#1  Fifitrix 07-20-2010, 03:56 PM
I am in the middle of finishing my first book - The Kick-Ass Debt Guide and wondered if any of you would kindly read the extract for me (free download) and give me some feedback.

The book is designed to show that what the banks, big lenders, debt collection agencies, bailiffs and Court system in the UK all do, is play the lenders game....i.e. try to rip consumers off.

I outline what the typical UK debt solutions are and give some indication of how it is possible to avoid paying any unsecured debt (if you want to or need to!), as well as Council Tax, TV license, Parking Tickets (unlawful taxes!) and get fair treatment.

The download is available free at

Once we have done the UK version (due out Sept 1st 2010) we will also be launching versions for the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.



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