New Horror Short From DOCTOR WHO Author Andy Frankham-Allen
#1  UntreedReads 07-20-2010, 02:35 PM
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Andy Frankham-Allen isn't necessarily new to publishing, but he is new to Untreed Reads. If you've been a fan of Doctor Who for any period of time, you've probably seen Andy's work in several of the Short Trips series of short story collections from Big Finish. He has also served as the Editor for Doctor Who: The Legacy, a very well-respected series of stories related to the universe of Doctor Who.

Inside Andy, however, there are much darker demons percolating in his subconscious than any the Doctor might encounter in his travels. From this horror side of his talents comes his first release with Untreed Reads entitled "Off Flesh."

The Blurb:

While at a hotel for a convention and away from his husband, Mr. Jensen finds himself drawn to the youthful and energetic Mr. Wyndham. When Wyndham enters the hotel's lift and fails to reappear elsewhere, Jensen discovers that sometimes craving the company of someone other than your spouse can have very serious consequences.

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