New Comedy/Fantasy Short From Wade J. McMahan: "Flying Solo"
#1  UntreedReads 07-06-2010, 03:21 PM
From the twisted mind of bestselling author Wade J. McMahan (“Bite This! A Richard Dick Mystery”) comes another hilarious short story. In “Flying Solo,” Larry the hairy-legged Fairy gets called up on the carpet by the Queen’s representative, Rupert the Low. A meeting of the two minds at a local Bug Bar, however, is about to change the situation. You’ll never look at stories about Fairies the same way again!

We think Wade is one of the funniest writers to come down the pike in a while, and after tackling the mystery genre successfully in his first outing, his new foray into fantasy shows that his humor isn’t limited to one subject.

Mike O’Connor said of Wade’s first work “Bite This!”:

Reading this well written and extremely funny twist on the hoary old werewolf legend was a brief but intensely enjoyable experience. Off-the-wall characters and dialogue worthy of the Naked Gun. More please!

We were happy to oblige, Mike!

“Flying Solo” is available from the Untreed Reads Store for only $1.50, and GreenPass members save an additional 15% off. The title is also available at Amazon for the Kindle, Smashwords and most of the other great retailers listed on the right side of our homepage.

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“Flying Solo” by Wade J. McMahan has just been reviewed by Kathy K. over at Ebook Addict Reviews, who had this to say:

A really, really short story, Flying Solo is 7 pages long and yet I was left reeling and all in a good way. When, in the description, it says that you’ll never look at stories about fairies the same way they hit the nail on the head!

Flying Solo isn’t a story that’s going to change your world, other than to send you off into giggles, but it is going to provide a brief respite from the day-to-day.

And for me it’s given me yet another author that I’m very interested in reading more from. Just the whole idea of a hairy-legged Fairy named Larry is enough to let you know just how serious to take the story, but what cements the appeal is the mind behind the hairy legs. Oh my, never get on Larry’s wrong side is the lesson I take from this tale. And this is also what has me very curious about Mr. McMahan’s other writing… what a treat.

Thanks for the great review, Kathy! We’re glad you liked it as much as we did! Be sure to read more reviews of Untreed Reads titles by Ebook Addict Reviews by visiting

“Flying Solo” is part of our Orbits science-fiction/fantasy short story line. You can find this title and the others in the line by visiting The Untreed Reads Store. GreenPass members save 15%. You’ll also find the title at Amazon for the Kindle, as well as most of the great retailers you see listed on the right side of our website.

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