calibre2opds to run from a webserver
#1  huber70 07-29-2020, 08:58 AM
Moin from a newbee, Germany,

I work since years with traditional calibre to manage my ebooks local at my pc.

Now I try to share my books with friends and like to access (incl download) my library from elsewhere through the web.

At 1&1 IONOS I run my own website, I have access throughout ftp to my webspace etc

In order to build up a system ref to my requirement I installed calibre2opds vs 3.6/424 and let the program build up my library with html pages - I did it in the standard mode, the target directory is another than the original calibre library.

Within this new target directory I now have the same amount of books (epub, mobi) than in the original lib plus a folder that includes all the html pages etc to run calibre2opds

I order to be able to download a book from outside my WLAN I guess that it is necessary to load up the complete target directory to my webspace and refer from there using the index.html.

I like to avoid to load up the pure library to the webspace, as (for other reasons) the complete calibre library from the orginal folder is already there and will be synchronized steadily from the pc.

Which are the steps I have to work with calibre2opds just to build up the folder that includes the index.html, load it up to my webspace and how does the program than refers to the calibre directory at the webspace?

I hope, the question is not too difficulty, sorry for my englsih, did my very best,

regards Peter

#2  itimpi 07-31-2020, 04:02 AM
Not quite sure what options you used to generate the catalog (maybe a screenshot of the Main tab might make this clearer). For the usage you describe I would just generate the catalog as a sub-folder within the main Calibre library and then include this subfolder in the files you already have online.

It sounds as if you have used the option to generate a complete copy of ALL of the files needed (including the book files)? This is unnecessary if you already have a copy of your Calibre library online.

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