Does KO Reader supports double tap to zoom?
#1  mixedbag 02-20-2016, 02:43 AM
I was just trying on my kindle if KO reader supports double tap to zoom on a pdf and I could not find one. I was reading a two columnar pdf magazine and i wanted one column to zoom to width but i was not able to do so.

From settings, I activated show advanced options, there was one option for columns next to fonts size at bottom but it was greyed out.

So i was looking for double tap to zoom to make my ends meet.

For the same pdf, i used kindle default pdf reader and double tap to zoom brought single column for the pdf.

Is there anyother way i can zoom single column in KO Reader when reading two columnar pdfs.

I would love to post a screenshot of advance options on KO reader but i dont know how to take a screenshot on KO Reader.

Please let me know how can i zoom the single column content to width.

Thank you for KO Reader, I love it and want to maximise its use.

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