Introducting yadabot Instant Messenger Internet interface
#1  MatYadabyte 03-05-2008, 08:47 AM
Hi Mobile Readers

We require Beta Testers for our new Yadabot internet interface, its pretty neat and works using your normal MSN, Yahoo or Googletalk Instant Messenger.

There is nothing to install, just add Yadabot to your IM Friends list. Signup to the beta and its free for life, mind you, we have no idea how we can make cash from it, but its cool anyways.

Yadabot is designed for PDA's and Smartphones, its a much quicker way to get many internet things done than in a small browser, but it also works great on your desktop - and it goes with you wherever your messenger acccount goes.

How to Setup Yadabot

Its very simply, just add it to your Instant messenger List, and its with your for life, whenever you are logged in to yout IM. Of course, you can delete it just like any other IM buddy.



Once it is on your buddy list, just open it up, and send it command words. It will send you back the relevant reply.

Example Command Words

All Yadabot Command Words are "self shortening", you can use "wiki" or "wikipedia"

ebay ipod touch

wikipedia Barcelona

french how much is this hotel for three nights?

calc 300 kg in stone

russian please don't turn off the gas

movie raiders of the lost ark

def irony

calc sqrt( 23+7-9*(34/8))+89


weather new york

stock goog

news ipod touch case

tvseries six feet under

rtm Book Meeting with geoff Kenneck from Apers

email Hi, Bob just a quicky can you....

note Frankinsence, £399 on Ebay 1029373663

rtm tasks

We are planning to add many more command words as well as connections with other web services (currently just remeberthemilk, google and yahoo..)

Thanks very much,

Email me any comments on the beta, mat at

#2  MatYadabyte 03-17-2008, 06:47 AM



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