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#1  Richard Herley 10-22-2020, 04:08 PM
Richard Jefferies was and remains one of the most famous and best-loved writers about the English countryside. I looked in vain for his essays in the Patricia Clark Memorial Library, so I went to Project Gutenberg, downloaded all the published essays as text and formatted them into one volume. It comprises the following titles:

The Gamekeeper at Home (1878)
Wild Life in a Southern County (1879)
The Amateur Poacher (1879)
Hodge and His Masters (1880)
Round About a Great Estate (1880)
Nature Near London (1883)
The Life of the Fields (1884)
The Open Air (1885)
Field and Hedgerow (1889)
The Hills and the Vale (1889)
The Toilers of the Field (1892)

Putting them all into one ebook makes searching quick and efficient.

The Gutenberg texts are very clean and I have only corrected a few broken paragraphs and a couple of insignificant typos. I have left everything else intact, such as the convention of invariably putting a closing quote-mark after a full stop.
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