Horror Russell, William Clark: The Death Ship (1888); v1; 20 June 2020
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It is 1796; Geoffey Fenton, a young second mate aboard the Saracen, outward bound from Cape Town, is lost overboard, and rescued by a strange, decaying. antiquated, Dutch ship named Braave, which proves to be the ship better known tp superstitious mariners as The Flying Dutchman.

The ghost ship's crew, under the captain, Vanderdecken, are cursed, and believe it to be 1593; they have been at sea, undying, unknowing, for two centuries, doomed to ply the seas for eternity.

On board is another rescued person, Imogene, who has been aboard now for five years.

Somehow, Fenton and Imogene must leave the Ship of Death, but storm and pirates intervene...

A three-volume novel of some 135,000 words, which I assembled into a single volume, but retaining the three-volume divisions.

I could fine no first edition cover, so made this one using a late 19th C engraving.
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