Action Russell, William Clark: The Wreck of the Grosvenor (1877); v1; 21 April 2020
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William Clark Russell (1844-1911) went to sea in the merchant navy at the age of 13, and after he left he began writing. A hundred or more novels, mostly on the theme of events in merchantmen, followed. He was much admired in his time, including by Herman Melville. His star faded after his death, although several of his novels were being reprinted well into the 1950s.

This novel was the one that made his reputation, and was admired by Herman Melville. It tells of the voyage of the "Grosvenor," en route from England to the Bermudas, where under the pressure of appalling crew conditions and rotten food, the crew mutinies.

A passenger who has much sea experience undertakes to navigate the ship close to the Florida coast so the mutineers can escape to the USA. Complicated by the discovery of a floating wreck with two survivors on board, and then a tropical storm, the remaining "Grosvenor" crew fight to survive.

Originally published in three volumes, in the fashion of the time, it runs to 128,000 words. This edition is in a single document, but retains the 3-volume divisions. There is no available first edition cover, so I created a cover using a texture background and typography.
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