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Mother Goose: The Old Nursery Rhymes
Selected and illustrated by Arthur Rackham (1867–1939)

Many a child might believe that “Mother Goose” wrote all the nursery rhymes in the universe! She has been attributed as the author of many, but there is no proof that such a person ever existed. Actually, most of these hundreds of children’s songs and rhymes have been passed down through oral tradition, some for centuries. Others have actual authors, but have been adopted into the flock. Every generation and every teller creates variations, and this continues into the present time.

This book collects nearly three hundred rhymes and songs (24 appear in the Editor’s Appendix.) The incomparable Mr. Rackham has illustrated sixty of the rhymes with dozens of line drawings and seventeen color plates. Additional small decorative sketches have been added from later editions and other Rackham books.

Based on source files obtained from the Internet Archive. First published in 1913, this book is in the public domain in countries where copyright is “Life+80” or less, and in the USA.

Aw, go on! Take a peek, you know you want to!
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