Some Apple TV+ Episodes are viewable for Free
#11  kyteflyer 11-16-2019, 09:21 PM
Quote OtinG
I noticed that some of the content on on Apple TV+ was free, or more specifically, you can watch one episode to see if you like it. So I tried watching The Morning Show, episode one. I could only manage to watch half of episode before I couldn’t tolerate it anymore. It was horrible. I can’t imagine how you can take three great actors and produce such terrible, boring garbage. Of course those actors are all known more for comedy, and using them in a dark drama which doesn't seem to have any interesting direction was not the smartest thing to do. I’m glad Apple was allowing a free peek by letting us watch one episode. I’ll never pay 1 penny for that garbage.
I felt the same after watching the whole of the first ep. But later I went back and watched the rest and it gets *much* better. The Elephant Queen doco is lovely. I’m not into poetry or Dickinson but some are saying thats very good. I’m also watching See, and For all Mankind and those are also pretty good.

I think you’ve made an early judgement without actually seeing the best of whats on offer. Its not much but look again in a year, I think its going to get better and better. My only whinge is about the app on AppleTV, its bloody awful!

#12  leebase 11-16-2019, 10:00 PM
5 episodes in and See is pretty terrific. Waiting to watch Dickenson with my daughter over the holidays

#13  pwalker8 11-17-2019, 04:51 AM
A few weeks in and I still haven't watched anything on Apple +. I have watched a couple of episodes of the new Star Wars series on the Disney+ service. Some of it is that I really don't watch much in the way of TV, especially once you take out sports. Some is that none of the Apple + shows really appeal to me.

#14  OtinG 11-17-2019, 12:16 PM
Unfortunately Apple TV+ doesn't have anything of interest to me. Maybe in the distant future when/if they ever get a huge library, but not now.

Disney+ is probably great for people with younger kids, and it is priced low and has a huge library of old and new movies and shows including Star Wars stuff. But I’ve never cared for Star Wars except for Seth MacFarland's Family Guy parodies of episodes 4-6. A talking baby playing Darth Vader; what is not to like about that? But most of the Disney+ stuff isn’t of interest to an old fart like me accept maybe for nostalgia as I grew up watching The Wonderful World of Disney on TV and seeing many of the cheap B movies old Walt churned out. But again, those 1950-1970s movies and shows were designed for kids, and they were churned out cheap and quick, so they rarely appeal to adults these days. The newer movies from Pixar and later are much better though. I still like the original Mary Poppins movie though, but that one was better produced than most, and it is the first movie I remember going to see in a cinema theater back in the early 1960s, so more nostalgic than anything.

I got held up at metaphorical gunpoint by Hulu a few days ago as they announced they are increasing the cost of their Live TV service from $45 to $55/mo, a whopping 22% increase. Their service is watchable, a lot of good channels, but the cloud DVR blows chunks and they have a lot of streaming issues on occasion. I’ll probably cancel the Live TV service from them and stick with their on demand service only. I don’t think the Hulu with Live TV is worth the $67/mo it will soon cost.

I mostly watch OTA TV, which I can get and record with an antenna and my Fire TV Recast, and documentaries on history, science, several DIY home improvement shows, and a few shows like Live PD. I hardly ever watch sports any more. So I’m going to try out Philo TV which is only $20/mo because it doesn't include sports or your local channels from ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, and PBS. It gets nearly all the channels I watch except for NatGeo and Smithsonian. But I can likely get the few shows I watch from those channels via on demand. Disney is bundling Disney+ with Hulu on demand and ESPN+ together for just $13/mo, so if I switch to Philo TV for live TV I’ll get the Disney bundle for on demand stuff and the occasional sport event I might watch. That will cost less than half of what Hulu with Live TV is going to cost.

I think the TV streaming services will do okay for on demand, but they are quickly becoming too expensive for live TV. Since you also have to pay a king's ransom for high speed internet service to stream, these services are now approaching cable pricing. Cable tends to be more reliable still, but streaming still has ability to cancel when you want without penalty. Unfortunately that contract-less service means they can jackup the price multiple times per year, as Hulu has done and as DirecTV Now did. Sony is shuttering their Playstation Vue service in early 2020, so one of the major streaming players has gone belly up. DirecTV Now was bleeding out customers and money, so AT&T renamed it and raised the prices through the roof. Hulu raising its pricing by 22% indicates they are likely struggling too. I’m afraid live TV streaming won’t be able to survive much longer. On demand will likely survive, but I suspect more channels will offer their own on demand and stop offering it through services like Hulu and Netflix.

#15  pwalker8 11-17-2019, 01:51 PM
Streaming services that duplicate cable TV have the same issue as cable TV, i.e. they have to pay for each of those channels. Thus there is a floor cost and when content providers like ESPN raise their prices, those floors go up.

From what I'm told by people in the business, you aren't going to save money streaming content unless you don't watch live sports. If you want a basic Netflix experience and that's it, then you can save money. I'm a sports fan (at least of my local teams) so I don't particularly mind paying as long as I get the content I want.

Eventually we may get subscription based a la carte model where you only pay for the content you want, but odds are if you are a sports fan, you won't save money and given the contracts currently in place, I don't expect it to happen anytime in the near future.

#16  leebase 11-17-2019, 02:20 PM
I still have cable so Hulu isn’t that attractive to me. I have free Hulu because I have Sprint. I keep forgetting I have it.

Live sports keeps me on cable. That and I have others in the house who like the tv to “just work” as it always has.

Disney+ looks strong. But I’ve seen all these movies before and the new Star Wars show...I’ll wait for the season to complete and then pay for a month and binge watch it. That’s what I used to do with Game Of Thrones on HBO.

I probably wouldn’t be paying for AppleTv either but I bought a phone this year so that’s free. I’ll probably watch all the shows in time.

I’m buying Disney+ as a gift to my niece and nephew for Christmas.

#17  OtinG 11-17-2019, 02:20 PM
The sport channels are one of the main reasons most live TV streaming services and cable services are so expensive. Also the local programming as it is rather pricey to get your local ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS, CW etc. News channels also drive up the price. That is why Philo only cost $20, it doesn't have any sports or local network channels or news channels.

Pluto TV is free and it has a huge number of channels with commercials. I'm guessing it has a couple hundred channels or more. The streaming is good on some channels, but lower resolution on others. But it does have a few sports channels and music channels and news channels. Since it is free, it makes a nice supplement to any other service(s) you have.

ESPN+ is only $5/mo if you need a supplement for sports channels.

Also, don't forget that cable makes a huge amount of their money off of equipment rentals. Need a DVR? You have to pay a king's ransom to get one for every TV in your house. Streaming services tend to charge a little for cloud DVRs, but it is usually less than what you would pay to a cable provider.

Quite obviously everyone wants their cut of the pie, and that drives the costs through the roofs. We will get screwed over regardless of which type of entertainment service we chose to pay for. That won't change. The only thing that changes is the ways in which they screw us over.

One of the current trends is for channels/networks to offer their own channel(s) via a streaming service app. That is an alternative if you really like a particular channel, like MotorTrend because you are a total gear-head. But if you have to get multiple channels that way, then the costs are staggering. Paying $10/mo for each channel would add up in a hurry and be out of the price range of people like me.

#18  OtinG 11-17-2019, 05:39 PM
I just signed up for Disney Plus free trial. It has five main categories:

I forgot Disney owns NatGeo, so that will be good if I switch to Philo TV which doesn’t have the NatGeo channel. I’ll probably give some of the new Disney designed Star Wars a try. I didn’t really like Lucas’s versions. They seemed too cartoonish to me. I always liked the more intellectual approach to SciFi that Star Trek used. Pixar is good, but I won’t watch Marvel stuff as I never even got into their comics as a kid in the 1960s. I’m not into caped heroes and what not.

I’m more into traditional TV where I look at a schedule when shows air/stream then build my viewing times around that. On demand is okay, but I never have really adapted to watching shows that way, although I do occasionally use it, especially for shows that are long since out of production like the old British comedies.

#19  pwalker8 11-18-2019, 07:14 AM
I think I mentioned that I dropped cable this past fall because they didn't carry the new ACC network that many of the games of my college team are on. Otherwise, I would have been fine with them.

Streaming is a different mind set. With cable and Tivo, I set things up to record what I wanted to watch (Tivo's watch list was a major improvement), then I watched them when I had time. Streaming live TV, I have to remember to records stuff ahead of time. Of course, on demand is a major change as well with the rise of binge watching.

The major issue that most sports have is that games are spread out over a number of channels. A college football game may be on CBS, ABC, one of the many ESPN channels, or on one of the FoxSports regional channels. You can't simply say "I want to see all Georgia Tech games". It's the same for pro Football, pro Baseball, and soccer.

#20  OtinG 11-18-2019, 10:32 AM
Thankfully I’m no longer eat up with watching sports like I was when I was growing up. I’ve got two college alma maters, but I never attended any sporting events for either of them. I was too busy trying to put myself through college and earn my degrees. Being from a poor family I had to work my backside off to supplement my scholarships, grants, and student loans, then it took a couple of decades to pay off the student loans. In graduate school I taught a couple of years making what amounted to way less than minimum wage (by the time you add in the hours of preparation, grading papers, and administrative stuff). My first alma mater is a small private school that at the time didn't even have an athletic department, although 35 years later they have one. My second alma mater is a former Southwest Conference and Big 12 conference team which is now in the SEC getting the daylights beat out of them nearly every year in football! I grew up a Dallas Cowboys fan, but they have sucked much since that jerk owner bought them 30+ years ago. Having struggled so hard financially to get my degrees while watching the athletes get pampered at Texas A&M and the coaches earning ten times more than full professors who were tops in their fields, and having taught several of those athletes all of whom were below average HS intelligence and were there only because they could play football, well lets just say my love of college sports died in the 1980s. My love of NFL sports died even before that after the second major strike that got pretty ugly. I rarely even make it through an entire game on TV any more, although I do enjoy Alabama getting the snot beat out of them (kudos to Clemson last year and LSU). I think Saban makes more than the all the rest of the people in Alabama combined, and that is sick on many levels. I understand people being eaten up with sports fan stuff, I was like that growing up, but thankfully I’m long passed that now and it no longer influences my TV package choices.

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