COOL-ERMatic Beta
#1  Hatgirl 01-24-2010, 03:49 PM
This Twitter/newspaper aggregator was announced at CES. Head over here if you want to sign up for the beta:

Can’t wait for the latest news? Always want to know what’s going on? Find old-fashioned paper newspapers an inky hassle?
Discover COOL-ERMatic on your COOL-ER and never miss a story that is important to you. COOL-ERMatic gives users the freedom and flexibility to choose from more than 1,400 global newspapers and magazines and millions of Twitter feeds to read on their COOL-ER ereader.
COOL-ERMatic will shortly be available to COOL-ER users worldwide at no additional cost and is updated daily.
Please enter you email address below to sign up now to trial COOL-ERMatic BETA and give us your early feedback.

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