Printing from Onyx Boox?
#1  norweger 01-25-2023, 06:10 AM
I'm doing a history class now, and I write for the most part with pen and paper. But do you think it might work to write all notes on Onyx Boox and print them? I mean, I am not sure how well a handwritten printed page would look. I don't have access to a printer rn, so I can't just check.

#2  nystagmus 01-30-2023, 08:17 AM

I assume this would be possible using the printing service on android.

You have to set up your tablet with the wireless printer. You have to look up, if you need an app for that.

Afterwards you can just share notes/Images etc.. to printer(app).


#3  pepcok 02-02-2023, 04:23 AM
Correct, you simply share with the option Print, then select your printer, adjust the settings if needed (paper size, pages) and that's it.

Regarding setting up the printer on the device (tested with the tab ultra), the only thing I had to do is give it my printer's IP address.

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