Firmware compatiable with Pandigital Personal eReader
#1  arda4 01-19-2014, 12:00 PM
Hi to All!

I would like to list some of the firmwares compatiable with Pandigital Personal eReader

1. Reeder 2: This is exactly the same device with Pandigital Personal eReader, even at the first shipments devices did not renamed. I got one of these

Firmware > it was publicly available back then but removed

2. Pandigital Personal eReader

Firmware > Company bankrupted, site down. Does anyone know if there is a mirror for firmware?

3. BQ Avant or Booq Avant: This is the same device with a better looking case:

Firmware > (click "download" tab)
I tried it and it worked flawlessly with my Pandigital.

3. Papyre 6.2 very similar to BQ Avant

Firmware > (click "descargas" tab)

These are firmwares i know. Do you know any other firmware(s) which can work with Pandigital?

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