Sony Reader Information, Start-Up and Reset Guide
#1  grooks 12-22-2010, 03:14 PM
The below links will take you to the Wiki page Sony Reader Start-Up and Reset Guide. This page was compiled by members of MR to help those new to Sony Readers. If you have any questions or have suggestions for changes please send me a pm. Thanks to all who put in the effort for this list.

Wiki for Sony PRS-T1 Rooting and Tweaks!

Sony Reader Start-Up and Reset Guide
1 Installing the Sony Reader software
2 Authorizing the Reader to the Sony software
3 Stop Sony Reader Library from opening on connecting to the PC
4 Installing Adobe Digital Editions
5 Authorizing the Reader to ADE
6 Why doesn't ADE detect my Reader?
7 Borrowing library books
8 USB device locked
9 USB device not recognized
10 Where are my ebook files located?
11 Resetting the device
11.1 Soft Reset
11.2 Hard Reset (PRS-300)
11.3 Hard Reset (PRS-350/650/950)
11.4 Hard Reset (PRS-500)
11.5 Hard Reset (PRS-505)
11.6 Hard Reset (PRS-600/900)
11.7 Hard Reset (PRS-700)
12 Reader Library errors
12.1 Error: Unable to access Reader (eBook) Store. Check your network settings to ensure you have access to the Internet.

#2  DaleDe 12-22-2010, 05:05 PM
MobileRead (MR) has a Wiki that can be checked by clicking on the “Wiki” link at the very top of the page. About 10% of the wiki is devoted specifically to Sony information and should prove to be a useful resource for those needing specific data on Sony products. Sony has been a significant part of the wiki since its inception in 2006. 11 of the top 100 pages are specific to Sony.

Trying to decide about what eBook Reader to purchase? Check out "The famous eBook Reader Matrix".

Curious about what something is? Just click on one of the below to learn more.

ADE@Wiki » (Adobe Digital Editions), acsm@Wiki », DRM@Wiki », E-book formats@Wiki », … etc.

Want additional information about one of the Sony Readers?

Just click on one of the below:
PRS300@Wiki », PRS350@Wiki », PRS500@Wiki », PRS600@Wiki », PRS650@Wiki », PRS700@Wiki », PRS900@Wiki », PRS950@Wiki », Sony Portable Reader @Wiki », Sony@Wiki »

You can also help with adding information to the wiki. Just create an account and check the Help page shown in the left column of the home page. Some of the pages are in multiple languages. Hopefully more can be translated.


#3  dreams 12-22-2010, 07:06 PM
The original thread, with the collection of information given by various MobileRead members, can be found in the Sony forum here.

Discover and explore other interesting areas of the MobileRead (MR) forums by clicking on some of the links below. Have fun.

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Sony Reader Dev(elopment) Corner - Linux, hacking and development of software and hardware. Includes customization, hack, and fonts.

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