Mystery and Crime Camp, Wadsworth: The Signal Tower and Other Mysteries. v1. 13 Jul 2022
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Uncollected during the writer’s lifetime, but some have appeared in various anthologies. My own compilation, obtained from various magazine archives.

In the titular story, “The Signal Tower”, Tolliver has to teach his colleague and former lodger Joe a lesson when he begins to harass his wife and young son. This story was selected for The Best American Short Stories of 1920 (annual anthology published by Small, Maynard & Company); and is probably Camp’s most frequently anthologized story.

The other works in this small collection perhaps do not quite come up the the level of mystery and the macabre found in “The Signal Tower”and “The Draw-Keeper”, but they are interesting for fans of this writer. The final three selections are non-genre, but might be labeled as “mysteries of the heart.

Charles Wadsworth Camp (18 October, 1879 – 30 October, 1936), American author (pen name: Wadsworth Camp), is best remembered for his mysteries and potboilers. Some of his works were adapted into films. He was the father of Madeleine L’Engle.

The contents of this collection, by Charles Wadsworth Camp (1879-1936), were first published 1906 ~ 1921. This ebook is in the public domain where copyright is “Life+80” or less, and in the USA.
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