Astak Pocket Pro spare battery
#1  Blue Ion 11-03-2012, 01:37 PM

I know this is the wrong forum, but considering Astak hasn't been selling ebooks for a long time and the Astak section of this forum is pretty much dead, I decided to ask for help here.

My Pocket Pro (the Hanlin V5 in disguise) battery has been working badly lately. Charge barely holds for a day with a couple of page turns, it takes a lot time to charge, and the battery indicator is most of the times off.

Is there anyplace where I can buy a spare battery for this device. I've contacted Astak with the support mail last week but I received no response.

Idealy, this battery from Grammata should be compatible, not only because it is based of a Hanlin V5 but because I live in Spain, and mail fees will remain fairly contained, but it contains two wires, while the Astak one contains three...

Is the third wire all that important?

I mean, if this means only losing the battery meter, then I guess its no big deal. However, if this can actually be dangerous (by overcharging the battery for example), then...

Considering eReaders are still on the expansive side, I would like to give this a try first.

Thanks to all

#2  DaleDe 11-03-2012, 02:06 PM
I suggest you email Jinke and ask them. They make the unit.


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