(Newbie) Need Help installing Koreader with Kobo Aura
#1  bear23 06-12-2016, 01:24 PM
I need some help installing Koreader on Kobo Aura(6") with FW 3.19.5761

I followed the following instructions -

Thought I installed Kobo Start Menu 8 (but now I know that is not the case)

used koreader-nightly build #-20160602

Everything was going well till I tried to install Coolreader by copying the "KoboRoot.tgz from the pbchess build #2016.03. After disconnecting Kobo from PC, I did not see the "Updating message" on the kobo, like I saw following the previous steps.

Unit loads as normal as if Koreader was not installed. There is no Start Menu showing Koreader. The png icon for Koreader does not initiate the program.

Later on I noticed that I did not follow the KSM 08 correctly, for I did not see I had to enable USBNet. But quite frankly, now that I read those instructions..I am not sure I understand what I am supposed to do or how to fix it now.

When I connect Kobo via usb to PC - I can see a list of options like - usb, config, exit, ect. On the drive I can see the installed file.

So now how can I fix this mess - I am not interested in purchasing Kobo books- I only need to read books I sideload to Kobo, but need the PDF function of Koreader. Kobo database can still work for epub- but does not work for me for PDF's .

I have searched all over for a video that might help with installation- but non available. Can anyone make a video, it would certainly help many people figure out how to install Koreader "correctly"

Any suggestion on what I can do to get this fixed. Please assume I don't know I know nothing about linux, readers etc...For it is true- This is all new to me and I would really appreciate your guidance.

Thank you in advance for your help!

#2  Ken Maltby 06-12-2016, 02:05 PM
It sounds like you did a number of things that are not in the guide you linked to.

You don't have to enable USBnet. You do need to install KSM8 following the directions in the first post of that thread.

What kind of PC are you talking about? Linux, Mac, or Windows #?

Once KSM8 is installed properly, all you need to do to "install" the other readers and software is to place their folders where KSM8 expects to find them.


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