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#1  roger64 06-01-2016, 07:39 AM

First I must say that Koreader has been my reader of choice for more than one year now. It began with a Kobo Glo and I use it now with a -jailbroken- PW3. As you can imagine I am also a fan of the EPUB format for its own qualities and freedom.

This said, I can't but notice that Koreader, even when it has to apply the integrated stylesheet fails to display some CSS properties.

For images, on another thread, I noticed:
- everything svg related, including common svg wrappers for cover.
- max-width
- float

For text (unless I missed something), I spotted:
- vertical-align (superscript value text-top is not displayed)
- text-transform: uppercase (value ignored)

I will add on this thread other items whenever I find them.

EDIT Now a little fussy thing. Nothing serious but 100 times in a book is too much

I have been using this code for quite a long time. It displays fine with most readers but for Koreader where the expected "three stars effect" is ruined. Somebody knows why?
- left screenshot : expected display with Calibre editor
- right screenshot : Koreader unexpected display.

Spoiler Warning below

p.ParagEtoile { margin: 0; border: none; padding-top: 1em; padding-bottom: 0.5em; text-align: center; line-height: 0.5; font-size: 83%; text-shadow: 1pt 1pt; letter-spacing: 0.08em; text-indent: 0;

Then a layman question: does adding a missing CSS property requires a lot of work? Can we expect to see them one day or is it technically undoable?
etoile.png etoile2.png 

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