PocketBook-KOReader: a document reader for PDF, DJVU, EPUB, FB2, CBZ, ... (AGPLv3)
#381  melksnor 01-15-2021, 07:59 PM
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How do I restore KOReaders default settings? Should I just download the zip again and copy over the existing koreader directory?

Somehow hold-presses are no longer bringing up the dictionary, and the file browser is also a bit wonky, for most folders it says there are items, but when I navigate in them, there's nothing there.
Found my answer, mostly:

1) You can reinstall from kual > koreader > tools
2) however, the setting was not a koreader global setting, but a book setting: I had set highlight_disabled = true. I thought that would just disable creating highlights, but it disables dictionary as well. Koreader saves lua files next to the book file.
3) I think the library not showing the books is because they are awz3 files

#382  EastEriq 01-18-2021, 04:19 PM
On my PB631 I observe a very mildly annoying behaviour of koreader - If the reader is turned on with "open last book" tagged, and the last book was opened by koreader, then koreader opens without refreshing the screen, giving rise to bad ghosting. Only in this case ghosting ever gets to a level which at all bothers me; and anyway one forced page refresh just restores the rendering as it should.

I've opened a ticket at .

Out of curiosity, any other PB owner observes anything the like? I.e. is it a poor waveform tuning on my specific reader, a problem with 631 (as I recall from work of the past months, low level calls required a set of quirks before they worked reliably on its specific kernel), or a more general problem of KoR on PBs?

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