Audiobook Metadata - Save to Disk not saved
#1  mystic42 04-26-2020, 11:56 AM
Hi Everyone

I am a newbie here and need

I have gone through all the topics but only one broached the subject.

My question is regarding the metadata in Audiobooks, in Calibre I can see all the Metadata on the right hand side with Images and comments however when I save to disk with preferences;
update metadata in saved copies
convert non English ...
When I go look at the newly created file, there is no embedded image , comments or many of the details that you see in the Calibre.

Does Calibre not support exporting of metadata for audio or am I doing something wrong?

Any feedback or light on the subject would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for any help



#2  icedtea 04-26-2020, 07:26 PM
I use mp3tag to change metadata for audio files. Audiobooks are usually mp3, m4a or m4b.

In mp3tag, there is a Comment metadata field you can fill, but not sure if that can be seen by Calibre.

My audiobook collection is small, so I don't bother using Calibre for it, sorry. Some people here do enter their audiobooks into their Calibre for library / catalogue purposes, but I think it only handles ebook files for management.

#3  mystic42 04-27-2020, 03:54 AM
Hi icedtea

No, I have over 1000 Audiobooks, I have MP3Tag but I have not been successful in actually updating metadata with it, I use it more to rename filenames and tags that are available. Plus those that do have comments etc are not populated to Calibre when I add, which is probably because I have failed to add tags correctly in preferences.

#4  icedtea 04-29-2020, 05:49 PM
If you haven't seen the Calibre sub-forum here on MobileRead, check out this thread -

And this older thread might help -

#5  mystic42 05-01-2020, 08:20 AM
Thanks icetea for the links, read through them, mediamonkey is no longer an option as no metadata updates anymore with amazon.

But thanks for you time and patience.

It is really frustrating that there is really nothing out there that is specific for Audiobooks, I have Allmybooks which is good for getting some information such as comments but it is not the best for other tags.

thanks again

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